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ASU Design Excellence Nomination Spring 2018


a lighted coat rack/hanger system

Hanglo is a versatile coat rack/hanger system that also acts as a subtle light source for entryways and bedrooms.

Designed by Cindy Kim

Feb 2018 - March 2018

3 weeks

project goals

develop a design solution using aluminum extrusion and learn how to estimate bill of materials to deduce manufacturing cost 

how it works


light off

light on

When a switch is switched down, the light is turned off and it acts as a hanger. When a switch is switched up, the light is turned on and it acts as a lamp. The act of switching up and down becomes the on and off functions, eliminating the need for buttons. 

orthographic view



The bottom of each aluminum switch has a triangle cutout, where the light emits from. Due to the cutout shape on all 7 switches and the angle of how the light hits the wall, when the switches are on/off in an alternating sequence, it creates interesting diamond-shaped patterns on the wall.


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